Tuesday, June 28, 2016

06-28-16 Cookies In The Bathtub

Birthday gift
In my mailbox
And I don't know
What it is

When I got home
I opened the box
And I saw a superhero doll
It was exactly what I wanted

Then it turned into Christmas
So we went to the beach
We saw a flying man in the sky
Then we saw TV in the sand
And there was a sandcastle
Sitting on somebody's head

We all had Christmas cookies

Monday, June 27, 2016

06-27-16 Midtown In Motion

Traffic continues to flow
Down Fifth Avenue all day
Racing into tomorrow's future
Love pushes all the buttons

Hipsters hustle in the morning
Fast talkers rushing late to work
Fire engine red sirens screaming
Symphony of city sounds singing

Famous footsteps on the block
Walking with ghosts of greatness
Capture the spirit of revolution
To create beautiful artwork

Sunday, June 26, 2016

06-26-16 If I Had Stayed Silent

if i had stayed silent
you would never have
heard my voice

if i had stayed silent
you would never have
received my message

if i had stayed silent
you would never have
changed your mind

if i had stayed silent
you would never have
changed the world

Saturday, June 25, 2016

06-25-16 Thirteen Secret Codes

Bring your dreams to life
Daylight comes too soon
Drink the electric Kool Aid
Wake up before the dawn

Discover ancient pyramids
Flying saucers coast overhead
Sasquatch hiding in the woods
Sea monsters splashing around

A boost of universal energies
Harness the powers of existence 
Ancient mysteries uncovered
Secrets evolve into the truth

Our destiny is set into motion

Friday, June 24, 2016

06-24-16 Psychedelic Radiation

I land on an island
To escape the city

Country lemonade
Political recreation

Revolution revolving
Evolving evolution

Involving pollution
Prostitution or institution

Mushrooms make it spicy
Interesting visualization

Pink ponies try trotting
On Stoney Ridge Road

I'm in love with a mountain
Heartbroken and excited

Look into the forest
Deep into your eyes

Don't forget to lose
My number gun

Fun sunshine syrup
Stories on the highway

Hungry for affection
Reflection in the pool

Mirror mirror melting
Faces stolen in molten lava

Swirling in sterling silver
Diamonds in your soul

Blood in the newspaper
Read between the lions

Reading dirty magazines
Appreciate the art of comics

Cartoon hallucinations
On a trip to inner space

Recipe to rule your brain
Listen to the music play

Thursday, June 23, 2016

06-23-16 Serpents In Your Home

Slippery snake
In through the exit
Moving slowly 
Then the attack

Hide in the grass
Slip into shadows
Seduce with a smile
Hidden agenda

The face of evil
Burning yellow eyes
Rattle in the distance
Can't trust a murderer

Best hand forward
Shake the skin back
The bite is worse
Venom kills quickly

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

06-22-16 Disconnected Connections

Above just another time
When we couldn't resist
The tension that had grown
Between the connection
And disconnected spaces
Which roam free in the web
Poisoning the heart of minds

The dangers are real today
When you shop around town
Between the bedroom sheets
And disconnected spirituality
On the road to self awareness
Where flying fish are landing
Inside visual display screens

It's all over the internet today
They sold your dirty pictures
Now you'll never be real again
When the news hits the streets
Between broken bonds of love
And disconnected emotions
Beyond the boundaries of life

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

06-21-16 Underground Darkness

into the tunnels
way down deep
below the streets

where monsters lurk
shadows grow stronger
in complete darkness

Monday, June 20, 2016

06-20-16 Playing With My Son At The Park

Walking in the sunshine
Holding your little hand
On our way to the park
To play ball together
Running around laughing
In beautiful green fields

Sunday, June 19, 2016

06-19-16 Kids In Space

Floating in space
Surfing the stars
Playing in the yard
On our trip to the moon

Astronaut explorers
In the final frontier
Dancing on Jupiter
Fly away with you

Zero gravity adventure
Meeting little green men
Riding the tail of a comet
On a sunny day in the universe

Saturday, June 18, 2016

06-18-16 Nap Time Daydream

Working hard all morning
Lifting up large walls of brick
Pushing all available strength
Mighty powerful explosion

The root cause of mayhem
Is misfired primal passion
Misguided in the wrong place
I wish we could go back again

Drink another cold lemonade
Mild sweat on the skin's surface
Hot summertime sunshine sting
Light makes you feel alive

Listening to undecided voices
Split open in another direction
Fire the missle in the middle
Fall asleep in the afternoon shade

Friday, June 17, 2016

06-17-16 The Red Wine Diaries

Scrambled brains in the morning
Red wine for breakfast all afternoon
Walk through the park on your way
Talk to the animals at the city zoo

Don't tell me you don't love this
Don't you want to try some more
It's all my fault at the end of the day
Open another bottle of red wine now

Wake up screaming after midnight
Turns out it wasn't a nightmare anyway
Sleeping anywhere at any time tomorrow
Can't remember yesterday or five days ago

Paranoid about the private eyes watching
Hiding out in plain sight at the public library
Reading books as if life depended on it
Then spill a bottle of red wine all over

Last ditch attempt to save a lost soul
Damage control at the final hour of time
Blurred lines between red wine and blood
This is no way to go through life

Thursday, June 16, 2016

06-16-16 Back To Nature

head space
in a quiet place
far away from cars
far away from people

breathe in the trees
walk in the rain
swim in the air
sleep in the grass

out in the green forest
peaceful in deep woods
balanced with the planet
blending into the wilderness