Tuesday, May 3, 2016

05-03-16 Disco Supernova

Mirrors have 
seen it all

Hypnotic lights
flashing colors

Dance floor

Bodies moving
to the beat

Sweet music
in your soul

Caught you
under the spell

Kiss and tell
when you die

Monday, May 2, 2016

05-02-16 Visions Of Trouble Ahead

Seeing clear signs
Stop before it's too late
The water is polluted
A virus is spreading fast

Dreams of fire and ice
They walked in casually
Plot was in place yesterday
Business as usual for demons

Far out in the red zone
Reading napkin covers
Across the street sideways
Parked in an old car sleeping

Good old timeless classics
Never ever disappoint you
Dinosaur radio fast track
Live on thin air at midnight

Drive over there at night
Crazy on fire in the winter
Swing across the diamond
Off hand comments are heavy

Radioactive monster show music
Mobsters eating lobsters for dinner
Catch a rising star on the avenue
Fools sit with their back to the door

Runaway train trauma traffic jam
Defensive indifference to comments
Decoding the Olympic predictions
Something is brewing in the shadows

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Saturday, April 30, 2016

04-30-16 Trip Through A Time Portal

Layers of literature
Sitting here
Listening to her

Writing adventurous
Words of wisdom
For breakfast today

Love for lunch
Hot coffee simmers
Fresh country summers

In an orgy of sinners
The saints remain
To leave with angels

Don't wait for life
Run out and find it
Chase it if you have to

Sleep all day
Miss the best part
Sweet sunshine

City in the night
Diamond sparkle
Parking ticket

Licking lollipops
Charming when it counts
Like a cartoon warrior

They live up in the sky
Your mother should know
Never to go back there

Too cool to swim
After school this afternoon
Diving off the high board

Crunchy or silent charms
Moon boots in the house
Master advanced painting

We went back to see
Hendrix at the Fillmore
On New Years Eve

Someone stole
My purple ticket stub
So I had to sneak in

Friday, April 29, 2016

04-29-16 Best Buds

Fresh fire
Light up the sky
Make everybody
Feel high

Good time
Sunshine smile
Close friends
Wild music

Thursday, April 28, 2016

04-28-16 Prayer To The Universe

I am begging
the universe

to help me
through hell

to give me strength
so I can keep fighting

to give me love
so I don't feel so alone

to give me light
so I can lead the way

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

04-27-16 Indigo Substitute Enigma

Too far over the edge
Send yourself some flowers
Pushed hard enough this time
Push back against the crush

Kill the dollar bill for a thrill
Change your personality today
Keep your hands to yourself
Don't let the horse kick your face

Rock star radio station blackout
Protection in a safe zone forever
Kiss your game goodbye tonight
Stand up for those who have no voice

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

04-26-16 Pictures Of A Hot Dream

Wizards casting a spell on you
Under the trance of a magic trick
Twenty Third Street shuffle down
Hop back uptown on the subway

Junk shop horror movie supermarket
Freak show fairytale nightmare dream
Sipping a cup of hot coffee on the corner
Reading the morning newspaper headlines

Faster than flowers can grow
Hard work multiplies by five
Let your hat fly away in the wind
This will be the last time you cry

Turn around sideways talking
Backwards double trouble bubble
Own the way you play your game
A foreign substance was used to win

The machine wrapped around you
Spirits of darkness wash over everything
Slaving away in summer morning sun
Stapling vines to the back of the fence

Steel split on a wooden tree wheel
Superman might not have to agree
Capture the important changes now
Holding on to the secret inspiration

War stories told on a park bench
Creatures on a crosstown express bus
Watching crowds of people hustle
Writing it all down in my notebook

Monday, April 25, 2016

04-25-16 Apartment Building Hideaway

Hidden in darkness
Walls all around
Quiet stillness
Of nothing

Echoes in the hallway
A baby cries somewhere
High heels running
Click clack click clack

A squeaky door creaks
Voices chatter upstairs
Muffled conversations
Vibrations of music

Alone in a dark room
Protected from the outside
Like a concrete womb
Frozen in hibernation

Sunday, April 24, 2016

04-24-16 Spirits Of The Old Neighborhood

The years pass
Slow but so fast
Memories linger
Energies left behind

Trees have seen
Seasons change
And everything
In between

Rusted fences stand
Brick walls are taller
Footsteps on the path
Voices speak softly

Ghosts transcend
Boundaries of time
Living inside echoes
Walking in your shoes

Saturday, April 23, 2016

04-23-16 Painting Pictures Of Silly Things

Saturday morning glory
Sitting on the living room floor
Painting pictures with my son
Laughing at silly things we create

A rhinoceros swimming in chocolate milk
Purple orange polka dotted Lamborghini
Raspberry skies swallowing a quiet city
Forty birds dancing on a frosted cupcake

Spilled paint on the rug but we don't care
It's so much fun to play with my son
These are the greatest times of my life
I'm happy to be sharing them with you

Friday, April 22, 2016

04-22-16 Purple Mother

Virtuoso soul screaming
Electric beauty out loud
First time you heard it live
Blasting from a boom box

Epic revelation 
Sonic revolution

Creative spark of imagination
Strange genius creating light
A shot to shine in the big time
Artist of influence on fire

Looks and styles
Winks and smiles

Thursday, April 21, 2016

04-21-16 Nothing Comes Easy

Purple elephant wonderland symphony
Nobody cares about your problems
Spiral lizard blizzard on danger island
We've all had our hearts broken

Failures can be difficult to handle
Large birds can fly around the sun
Success is defined by how you survive
Unicorns keep a low profile at dinner

Holographic evidence of intelligence
Heal the wounds deep down inside
Butterflies fly into the near future
We all live with the pain of death