Tuesday, July 26, 2016

07-26-16 Find Beauty In Everything

Actively seek out
The beauty of this world
This is the key
To discovering the
Light and love
Of the universe

Listen to the music
In the air and everywhere 
The sound of birds singing
Out in the early morning dawn
The hush of wind rushing 
Through leafy green trees

Listen to the boom of 
A sweet summer thunderstorm
Swishing as hard rains pour down
Hear the sound of children
On the playground laughing
In gorgeous golden sunshine 

Look for the beauty of nature
Out in the wilderness alone
Or down on crowded city streets
Enjoy the highway billboards
Or the aesthetic masterpieces
On display in shopping mall windows

Find the beauty of art
Found all around us 
In colors and textures
Flowing through our lives
Find the beauty of art
That speaks to your soul

Monday, July 25, 2016

07-25-16 Heart Of The Purple Tiger

Deep in the jungles of Saturn
The heart of darkness shines
Brighter than the midnight sun
Sweeter than pools of soft love

A beast lurks inside oceans of fire
Hunting silver skinned antelope herds
Feasting on the flesh of blue monkeys
Drinking the green blood of golden lizards

The great purple tiger rules it's kingdom
Elevated to a position of unlimited power
Letting out a mighty roar to mark it's territory
Earning it's purple stripes of majestic beauty

You can see the fury in it's eyes
As it spreads it's magic wings
Breathing bursts of orange flames
Sleeping on a bed of wildflowers

The purple tiger is on the prowl
Hiding out in the light of the universe
Showing it's strength in the face of death
Killing all creatures that cross it's path

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Saturday, July 23, 2016

07-23-16 About A Building

Several stories
Have been told
But none so bold
As the one about
A building

When the four
Year old boy
Got back to his
Building there was
Nobody in it

Then the big monster
Went up the building
As a giant flower
Swooped down
To eat him

A kitty cat crawled
Under the building
And found herself
Inside the Bat Cave
Looking for Batman

A hot dog fell down
He hurt himself
On the sidewalk
Then he got a boo boo
Bleeding mustard

So many sunsets
Reflected in your eyes
Smiling so bright
That the big monster
Couldn't get out

There are so many
Windows inside
This great big building
Looking out into the sky
Watching the years pass by

Friday, July 22, 2016

07-22-16 I Won't Leave You

I will stay
Here with you
Through the pain
And suffering
All night long
If we have to

I will be here
Holding your hand
I won't leave you
We'll get through it
Together until
You feel better

Thursday, July 21, 2016

07-21-16 You Don't Want Me Anymore

It was the look
On your face
That crushed
My heart

The sincerity
In your voice
That told me
To leave

You said
You didn't
Want me

Now I'm left here
Bleeding to death
Picking up pieces
Of my heart torn apart

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

07-20-16 Greed On Parade

Another time to reflect
Upon peaceful rage
In this once great nation

Under the disguise of goodness
Serpents spin their evil schemes
As they poison our children

Rotting the country from within
The seeds of hate have been planted
Now there is nothing left to do

When the cities burn we will regret
Poor decisions made in the name of greed
Corporate political corruption is killing us

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

07-19-16 The Anxiety Of Knowing

I see shadows creeping in
And the walls are breathing
Moving closer to a cataclysm
Off the scale of active sanity
You can't escape it anywhere
When the evil is everywhere

In the cities
In the churches

On the streets

Inside your heart
Inside your brain

Monday, July 18, 2016

07-18-16 Sweltering Streets

Summer mornings in the city
The rush begins early before dawn
Heat descends on the cool streets
Sweat drips down flushed faces
The stink of rotting garbage bags
Trash can fire burning out of control
Blazing sun cooks the neighborhood
Drunk guy sleeping on a park bench
Last night's party is now ending
Soaked in steam dreams of humidity
Stuck together in a swamp bath

Sunday, July 17, 2016

07-17-16 Sasquatch At The Supermarket

I saw it
Flash before my eyes
Near the dairy aisle
Past the milk and cheese
And then it was gone
In a split second
Until I saw it again
Near the frozen food
Where it seemed to grab
A box of chicken nuggets
Before it disappeared
So I told the store clerk
And I told the cashier
But nobody believed me

Saturday, July 16, 2016

07-16-16 Sorry

i missed you so much
in an incomplete world
from an unwritten story

waiting around for me
but i never came home
from chasing old ghosts

i never thought you'd notice
but you flew away so fast
frozen in cold winter weather 

now i am down on my knees
crushed under the weight
begging for your forgiveness 

Friday, July 15, 2016

07-15-16 Future Ghosts

Beasts in the kitchen
Making breakfast medicine
For angry government men
Thinking about apocalypse

Dump the whole clean angle
For the Angels at rest rising
These are not the evil ghosts
You are looking for in space

We are here today to take a stand
They will see us for what we did
Our descendents are judging us
Our children are watching us now

The legacy we leave is our mark
These words we write last longer
The art we create is a mirror reflection
Of a world which exists in the moment

Look no further inside your soul
The day of your death is decided
Written in the stars tonight forever
Who will you haunt when it's time

Thursday, July 14, 2016

07-14-16 Read Me A Poem Before Bedtime

The moonlight shines on us now
We need more literature in life
This time we spend is precious
As all our worries melt away

To fly into sweet imagination
With Dr Seuss and Shakespeare
Turning pages inside your mind
Connecting with our inner voices

I will read you bedtime stories
Every night if you ask me too
And I will write poems for you
To read aloud at the end of the day